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This series of automated tutorials has been designed to complement the OSCAM training courses. The tutorials walk through examples of using OSCAM and aim to provide a taste of the OSCAM functionality to those who have not yet attended the training course, as well as a "how to..." reminder for those that have.

The links provided below use your web browser to play a "movie" of the selected tutorial.

Progress through the tutorials may be controlled using the slider bar and buttons which can be found at the bottom of the viewing screen.

An approach to modeling Service Life and Flying Hours in OSCAM (Air), this tutorial is divided into three parts:

Modeling a New Program;

Introducing Attrition;

Reducing Number of Aircraft

An approach to modeling Maintenance and Modernization in OSCAM (Air), this tutorial is divided into four parts:

Modeling an Existing Program;

Introducing Aging;.

Developing a Modernization Program;

Reducing Personnel.


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